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Fun Facts About Lake Anna

Fun Facts About Lake Anna

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Fun Facts About Lake Anna…


Dominion Raceway is a multi-use motorsports and entertainment complex located in Thornburg, VA! The complex features four racetracks, a live concert venue, private garages, a 36,000-square-foot entertainment facility and much more.


The land that makes up the Lake Anna State Park used to be known as Gold Hill and was home to the Goodwin Gold Mine.


Creating Lake Anna was accomplished by building a 90-foot high dam on the North River near Bumpass, VA.


Referred to as “two lakes in one,” the lake is split into two navigable parts—the public (cool) and private (warm) sides—in order to disburse warm water, giving the warmer side an extended season.


Lake Anna is the third largest lake entirely in Virginia with 250 miles of shoreline and 13,000 acres of clean water.


In 1972, the Commonwealth stocked Lake Anna with over 5.5 million fish and continues to stock the lake periodically with over 33 different species of fish, including Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass and Catfish.


Lake Anna’s water is pumped at rates of up to two million gallons per minute and is used in one of three cooling systems.


Since the local rivers existed before Lake Anna, the area was originally a natural staging ground for Confederate troops preparing for the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse.


The ancestral home of Alex Haley, creator of the classic TV series Roots, resides here in Lake Anna.


Near Lake Anna, you might discover true treasure! Louisa and Spotsylvania are among the few counties containing the largest concentrations of historical gold mines, according to the Division of Geology and Mineral Resources.


There are three major cities—Fredericksburg, Charlottesville and Richmond—located around Lake Anna. Most land buyers are from Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland.


There are 100 communities that surround the lake.


For more than forty years, the Historic Fredericksburg Foundation has restored and stabilized Lake Anna’s historic buildings in order to preserve the rich history that took place on its grounds.


There are 10 miles of shoreline line that borders Lake Anna State Park, which is home to 11 nature trials, 13 miles of pathways, a swimming beach, fishing pond and much more.


Gold was first discovered at the Goodwin Gold Mine at the Lake Anna State Park in 1829.


Lake Anna is located right in the heart of Virginia’s wine country. Visitors can visit dozens of wineries, breweries and distilleries just a short drive away.


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