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SNAPSHOT: Stonewall Harley-Davidson in Orange, VA

SNAPSHOT: Stonewall Harley-Davidson in Orange, VA


SNAPSHOT: Stonewall Harley-Davidson


Photo Credit: orangehog.net
Photo Credit: orangehog.net


In the heart of Central Virginia, in the Piedmont, the great outdoors is at its finest. Imagine taking to the roads, the sense of freedom you experience at the breathtaking scenery. Early morning fog sitting on top of the water. Beautiful sunsets shimmering on Lake Anna’s silvery surface. The best way to take all this in is on two wheels. Fresh air and motorcycles are almost synonymous.

Harley-Davidson is just another word for relaxation. When visitors come to Lake Anna, it’s a chance for recreation and relaxation. To enjoy those precious, golden moments of personal time. Stonewall Harley-Davidson in Orange, VA gets it! Located just 15 miles north-east of Lake Anna, they are a cornerstone in the community and they want people to fall in love with this region.


Photo Credit: Stonewall Harley-Davidson
Photo Credit: Stonewall Harley-Davidson


The Harley-Davidson Lifestyle

So close to D.C. and other major Virginia cities, yet you feel miles and miles away. Get away from the traffic and the rat race of the daily grind for some open road therapy. From the Stonewall dealership, take a scenic ride on main roads or back roads to Lake Anna and beyond.

The old adage is “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” And those who have discovered motorcycle culture can’t be judged by outside appearances. There is no “particular type” when it comes to Harley-Davidson riders. They could be military, white-collar, blue-collar, urban, rural, multi-cultural, men, women. When riders are decked out in their riding gear, you can’t distinguish what profession they might be, so never make an assumption. The backgrounds are diverse, but what is shared is a love and enthusiasm for riding motorcycles and the Harley-Davidson brand.


The Stonewall Experience

Photo Credit: orangehog.net
Photo Credit: orangehog.net

Stonewall Harley-Davidson is a destination dealership. This region offers some of the best scenic byways in addition to the rich history, arts and culture. Stonewall doesn’t want to just sell you a vehicle, but to invite you to experience. They have created a friendly environment with downhome, southern hospitality at its finest. The impressive front porch, complete with rocking chairs, is the perfect place to meet up with friends and fellow riders. Or just sit and enjoy the gentle southern breezes.

Even if you are a non-rider or a prospective buyer, the owners and staff want you to feel welcome and appreciated at their dealership. They are always available to answer questions, offer suggestions or provide a fun place to hang out. If you’re in the market for a motorcycle, they will take the time to find the perfect match. Schedule a test drive today, and try out one or many rides. Feel free to bring the kids with you! Some of their favorite customers are children and young adults, because they are full of excitement and hopefully will be future riders one day.


Photo Credit: Stonewall Harley-Davidson
Photo Credit: Stonewall Harley-Davidson


Stonewall Harley-Davidson Merchandise

Photo Credit: Stonewall Harley-Davidson
Photo Credit: Stonewall Harley-Davidson

Stonewall is Orange County’s best kept secret. Within its unassuming walls is more than just a dealership, it’s a small department store.

There are tons of merchandise and services on offer, including a bit of the unexpected:

•New, pre-owned & customized Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
•Maintenance, repairs, customization & performance work in the service department
•Full product line with the newest parts & accessories (including comfort and safety upgrades)
•Rider apparel (helmets, leathers, boots, rainwear, etc.)
•Fashion clothing & accessories for men, women, children and pets
•Home décor
•Games and toys
•And so much more!

Fun Fact!

Each dealer has their own logo that is unique to their store. So t-shirts and poker chips are some of Stonewall’s best sellers because of the unique logo. Having even something as small as their poker chip with this logo makes a statement, “look where I’ve been.”


Stonewall Harley-Davidson and Lake Anna

Photo Credit: orangehog.net
Photo Credit: orangehog.net

Stonewall wants to be an integral part of the Lake Anna community. Their goal is to be a good steward of the area and cross promote with area businesses. They often recommend area restaurants to their guests. This gives visitors more reasons to come to Lake Anna.

Another way they promote the area is by hosting events, all free and open to the public. They’ll often have live music, free food, activities and entertainment for all ages. Their dealership in Orange has the acreage, park, pavilion and their own HOG parlor on site to accommodate these fun events. They want to provide their guests with the ultimate experience, the kind that memories are made of


“You can’t put a price on things that make you feel good and that’s what sets us apart. We not only provide you with memorable experiences and life adventures but we try to enrich your network of family and friends. We want you to feel like family.”

Contact Information:

Stonewall Harley-Davidson

385 Waugh Boulevard, Orange, VA 22960



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