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SNAPSHOT: Orange Troller in Lake Anna

SNAPSHOT: Orange Troller in Lake Anna


SNAPSHOT: Orange Troller


Why do visitors and residents come to Lake Anna? Relaxation, no stress and of course, fun! The beautiful surroundings of Lake Anna allow people to come and leave their cares far away. And one of the most popular pastimes, fishing! But which fishing guide service to choose? There are many businesses specializing in getting folks out on the lake fishing, but there is one that stands apart.

Orange Troller is unlike any other fishing guide service in Lake Anna. They provide specialized instruction to get folks comfortable fishing and boating. Learn how to catch a Striped Bass and to troll fish using artificial lures. They’re also the only place in Lake Anna where you can get hands-on boating lessons or professional lake cruises.


Meet Captain Johnny Ellis & Roni

Photo Credit: Orange Troller
Photo Credit: Orange Troller

Captain Ellis and his wife, Roni, are “water babies,” both being around water since birth. They love the sights, the smells and the sounds associated with life by the water. Ellis grew up an avid outdoorsman, with lots of opportunities to fish in the U.S. and Europe. Both Captain Ellis and his wife have their Boating Safety Certificates from New Jersey and Virginia. Ellis graduated from the Mariner’s Learning System in Princeton, New Jersey and obtained his U.S. Coast Guard Captains License. Over the years, he piloted many vessels.

But after a career in law enforcement, Ellis had a desire to start his own fun business. Because of his love of the outdoors, and particularly water, the idea of starting a fishing business came naturally. And thus, Orange Troller was born from this love and desire to share his passion with others.


Learning to Fish

Striped bass. Photo Credit: Orange Troller
Striped bass.
Photo Credit: Orange Troller

Orange Troller wants to make sure that your fishing experience is fun, relaxing and exciting. They specialize specifically in Striper Fishing, providing hands-on Striped Bass (“striper” or “rockfish”) fishing lessons. They accommodate beginners through professionals who possesses a desire to learn how to catch Lake Anna’s BIG LEAGUE striped bass by trolling, using only artificial lures. Their second Striper lesson class is akin to a fishing trip, but clients are still instructed as they actually go out trolling.  Captain Ellis wants to ensure that guests leave feeling confident that they can successfully catch a striped bass by themselves.


Boating Lessons

Hands on boating lessons are available to those with lesser experience who already have their boating safety certificates. These individuals will be instructed on basic seamanship skills, and will actually practice boat handling maneuvers on one of Orange Troller’s boats, with Captain Ellis nearby to help. Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions will make learning fun and stress free. Captain Ellis makes sure each person is relaxed and comfortable before executing any maneuver, like turning the boat on a dime.


Photo Credit: Orange Troller
Photo Credit: Orange Troller


Lake Cruises

If you just want a day on the lake without the fishing, Orange Troller has got you. Their Lake Cruises allow you to focus on family and friends. Set out on a smooth and relaxing boat voyage enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds around Lake Anna.

Adults can bring their favorite beverages, like a bottle of wine (maybe from a local winery) or cocktails, as they smoothly glide through the water. Families will enjoy viewing all the activity happening around the lake, as well as the awe inspiring nature, like bald eagles, osprey and herons soaring overhead.


For a day of fun on the water, look no further than Orange Troller! When Captain Ellis was asked what he loves about Lake Anna, his reply:

“What is not to love about her?  She is a beautiful lake, the great fishing, the incredible nature, the surrounding historical interests, great folks, the adjacent Lake Anna state park, and so on, and so on…”



Contact Information:

Orange Troller LLC

449 Windwood Coves Boulevard,
Mineral, VA 23117


Customer Email:


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