Lake Anna Bass Guide

Bass Bait for Lake Anna 

Chris Craft, CCBASSN Lake Anna Guide Service, 540-894-6195

BASS- From now through November start your day by looking for fish SHALLOW. The backs of major creeks will be a hot zone for the next couple of months as long as Mother Nature doesn’t start throwing major cold fronts our way. Lipless crankbaits will be a great choice for your search bait, cover alot of water looking for baitfish. Once you catch a couple of fish in a small area, slow down and pick the area apart with Tiger Shad Spinnerbaits, Burton Minnows, Zoom Super Flukes and a variety of top water baits such as Pay Check Baits Repo Man, Super Spook Jr’s, Pop R’s and Buzz Baits.

Once you have caught the active fish in the area slow down even more and go after them with shaky head rigged plastics and jig & pig combonations. After you have compleated steps 2 and 3, move on and repeat step 1. Great areas to start your search are Pigeon Creek, Sturgeon Creek and Contrary Creek in the mid lake area. If you want to go down lake start in Rockland Creek and move to Levy Creek, Blount Harbor and Valentine Cove. If venturing uplake on the North Anna side, Duck in Hole and Goldmine Creeks are very great but popular choices. On the Pamunky arm Plentiful Creek, Foremost Creek and Terry’s Run can produce both quantities and big fish for you. Good luck and dont forget to check your drag!
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