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Keep Water Sports Safe and Fun!

Keep Water Sports Safe and Fun!

Keep Water Sports Safe and Fun for Everyone


We all look forward to those warm summer days when we can head to the lake, get our swimwear on and get on the water for some much-needed relaxation and fun. We are anxious to enjoy whatever it may be to make those long-lasting memories on the water.

There are all types of boats and all types of water sports that us lakers like to do: fishing, jet skiing, paddle boarding, wake boarding, wake surfing, knee boarding, tubing, kayaking, swimming and just splashing around are a few of our favorite water sports. Everyone should be able to do the things that makes them love coming to Lake Anna. However, we all need to realize that we aren’t the only ones looking to enjoy the water. We need to have some respect and think of the safety of our fellow lakers.

To our friends pulling a towable, wake boarding kneeboarding or wake surfing—do not just blow by that fisherman setting there. Instead, try idling by him and ask if he’s having any luck. Don’t throw a wake at the paddle boarder or kayaker because it’s fun to see if they fall off or can handle the wake. To our fisherman and paddle boarder or kayaker, do not curse at the wake boarder or wake surfer who’s out there enjoying their day. Instead, meet them and ask how they do those tricks.

To all of us out on the water, we need to have some consideration for the families on their dock, swimming in their common area or waterfront with their kids or grandkids trying to pass down family traditions and make their own lake life memory. There is more traffic on Lake Anna and our surrounding lakes then there has ever been, and we as a lake community need to come together and help one another for safety reasons and because it’s what you do as a laker.

So, next time you’re on the water doing your favorite thing and you see a fellow laker, stop and get to know them. If they are doing something that is not safe or shows no etiquette, don’t assume they are rude, assume that they don’t know the rules and boater etiquette and help them out politely. Point out what they are doing, such as being too close to docks or the shoreline; passing boaters; following too close to a person in tow; power turning after a rider falls; circling again and again in a small cove creating a rifle wave or taking blind turns at a fast speed. Ask them to take responsibility for their boat wake and watch out for the rest of their fellow lakers.

We all want to enjoy the lakes and we can! We just need to keep all these things in mind when we are out there enjoying our day and help others enjoy there’s as well.

Have a safe and friendly boat season and see ya on the water!


Written by Larry and Denise Smith
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